Welcome to my Website!!

This is a website about music! I love listening to all kinds of music so hopefully you find something you like on my page!

Here's a list of a few genres I like listening to:

Maybe you don't like any of the genres I listed above? That's alright, those were just ones that I could think of off the top of my head :) I really enjoy all types of music!

Here's some songs, who they're by, and what genre they 'belong' to! I'll try my best to keep it as varied as possible :)

Song Artist Genre
I Found Amber Run Indie Pop, Alternative Rock
The Memory Mayday Parade Pop Punk, Pop Rock
Can You Hold Me NF ft. Britt Nicloe Hip-Hop
Shadows Lindsey Stirling Crossover Music, Dubstep
Migraine Twenty One Pilots Pretty mush whatever genre you want it to be
Fumes The Eden Project Dream Pop, R&B, indie, EDM